EXCLUSIVE Chris Bosh interview, spring 2005 (issue #75)

Chris Bosh Dallas

Chris Bosh loves the kids and the Cowboys

An exclusive cover feature interview with Chris Bosh from the spring of 2005 while he played for the Raptors. An especially relevant fresh-faced youth in the midst of his second season. Most of all, he took over the reins of Canada’s basketball team as a result of the departure of Vince Carter. Consequently, the decline of Jalen Rose, in addition to an indifferent roster due to Rafer Alston at war with Coach Sam Mitchell.

A perennial NBA All-Star, finally Chris Bosh left the city and team behind following the 2009/2010 season because he wanted to win championships. Hence, he headed to the warmer climate of South Beach, Miami. Another player who left the Raptors and Canada behind. Since teaming up with Lebron James and Dwayne Wade, he has consequently earned two championships.

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EXCLUSIVE Josh Wink Interview, August 1998 (issue #39)

Josh Wink summer 1998

Josh Wink in the mix at Industry, Toronto (summer 1998)

An exclusive interview with Philadelphia’s electronica wizard, Josh Wink, inside Industry Nightclub during the summer of 1998, on the heels of his second album release, Herehear. Wink and King Britt’s independent label, Ovum Recordings, was picked up by Sony Music and distributed by Ruffhouse/Columbia, who released Herehear in the summer of 1998. Its heady mix of electronic music mashed up acid house, techno, house, and rock music with the inclusion of live musicians. Special guests who contributed to the sessions include Nine Inch Nails impresario Trent Reznor, Caroline Crawley of This Mortal Coil, Philly poet Ursula Rukcer, and Sweet Pussy Pauline.

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